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The Best Fight You Know Nothing About

UFC 104 saw a controversial but exciting and technical main event between two Brazilians as Lyoto Machida successfully defended his light heavyweight title against Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua. UFC 106 offers us another bout between two Brazilians in the light heavyweight division and the winner of this bout could be on the fast track to face the champ down the road.

You’re not going to hear a lot from Antonio Rogerio ‘Minotoro’ Nogueira or Luis Arthur ‘Banha’ Cane with all the noise coming from the main event between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin. But this is a bout that’s going to surprise a lot of fans with their performance in the cage. ‘Minotoro’ has been dubbed as a future light heavyweight champ and destined for the top of the division by his manager Ed Soares and his brother ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira, a former UFC heavyweight champ in his own right, alike. Most of his success has come in Japan where he has wins over Alistair Overeem and Dan Henderson among others. ‘Minotoro’ will have a distinct advantage on the ground with his jiu-jitsu but the big question is whether or not he gets it there.

The 10-1 Cane, his one loss was by disqualification, comes into this bout with the opportunity to cement his status as that dangerous light heavyweight no one wants a part of. To say he’s an aggressive fighter is an understatement. He fights like he wants to take your head off and claim it as a trophy. But this is his first bout against a big name and you always have to wonder how the inexperienced fighter performs in those bouts.

This is probably the bout I’m looking forward to the most on the card. Both fighters will go for broke on the feet but you have to give Minotoro the advantage if the bout hits the mat. Cane’s a sexy pick but Minotoro is the safe bet which is why he’s a betting line favorite. Either way between Minotoro and Cane on this card and ‘Shogun’ Rua getting his rematch against Machida in May, Brazil is going to stay on top of the UFC light heavyweight mountain for a long time.

One more thing, for as much as Mike Goldberg will try and tell you otherwise, it’s pronounced Cah-nay, not like Citizen Kane. Please inform your friends accordingly.