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Tiger Woods Wins The Memorial!

… and just in time for Part Nine of our Ten Part EXCLUSIVE series on what it will take for The World’s Most (In) Famous Golfer to find his stroke and regain his swing en route to being #1 again!

Tiger Woods is back on top, and we here at THE HEYMAN HUSTLE have to wonder if he has taken our advice on how to regain his swing and improve his stroke. The Tiger Who Lost His Roar was at his absolute best Sunday at the Memorial, where he hit nearly every shot just the way he wanted, worked the gallery into a frenzy with one last charge over the final hour and left everyone buzzing, especially Jack Nicklaus, with a shot they will talk about for years.

All this, and Tiger notches his 73rd win, which ties Nicklaus for career PGA Tour victories at the tournament that Jack himself actually built. And the 14-time major champion suddenly looks equipped to resume his chase of another Nicklaus mark that is more significant: 18 major championships. Ladies and Gentlemen, please be advised. The U.S. Open starts in 11 days. In ten nights that precede the prestigious Open, we recommend Tiger follow suit (as if he hasn’t already) and heed our advice (same comment, you know he’s read THIS STORY … or at least he’s gazed at the sexy photos in THIS SENSATIONAL STORY) and check out the amazing Samantha Saint. She may just possess the stroke he needs to swing his way to a U.S. Open Championship!

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