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Conor McGregor Out of UFC 200


The wild and weird story regarding UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor‘s tweet earlier today supposedly announcing his retirement just got a whole lot wilder and weirder. UFC President Dana White just announced on ESPN that McGregor is out of UFC 200 and the organization is actively searching for a new main event. As of this writing, no further word from McGregor other than the cryptic tweet he posted earlier in the day on Twitter. Meanwhile, UFC has decided to address the situation publically with a tweet of their own, stating they have “pulled” (which is an awfully interesting choice of words, isn’t it?) McGregor from the event.

UFC President Dana White is about to give his side of the story on ESPN SportsCenter, and while we’re waiting for word from the UFC President, one has to wonder what game is really at hand. It can’t just be that McGregor, out of the blue, decided to retire. If he did, were there any discussions earlier in the day with UFC management? Did McGregor really just go on Twitter and catch UFC off guard? Or is this part of a bigger story, one which has yet to break, in which UFC and McGregor are now at odds, and now the legal game of positioning is in play?



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