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Exclusive Photos From UFC 100

Well, you can’t say Paul Heyman didn’t warn you.

In his blog posted on Friday (CLICK HERE), Paul described the cold blooded killer that lives inside the heart of UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

Paul wrote:

He lives away from people (trust me, this is a good thing for “people”), and gets to go hunting (sorry to be so politically incorrect on this one, but … um …. well …. Brock truly enjoys the thrill of the kill), and his wife Rena (the former WWE Diva and 3x Playboy CoverGirl “Sable”) just gave birth to their 9 pound son, Turk.

Paul was so right on this one. It’s a good thing for “people” to live far away from the fearsome and frightening Brock Lesnar. The animal that tore into Frank Mir at UFC 100 is not someone you want walking the streets of a major metropolis.

Paul will be posting a blog later tonight/early tomorrow morning with his thoughts on Brock Lesnar, the post-fight near-riot, Brock’s apology, and what’s next for the man he labeled “The Next Big Thing.”

In the meantime, we have some great pics from last night. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the Brock vs Mir fight!

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