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Has The High Life Spoiled UFC 106 Main Eventer Tito Ortiz?

Hey, you’d be distracted by Jenna Jameson, too. Mad props.

But you have to wonder, even with twin boys at home, how Tito Ortiz isn’t living the American
Dream right now, and how in the world he can still approach his return to the main event this
Saturday Night with the same fire and hunger he had as a kid who had to fight his distance away
from his drug addict parents.

None of this is a knock on Tito. I keep hearing a ton of good things about him from our own Hustler
de Tuti Hustlers Paul Heyman, who tried to bring Tito into WWE during the 2002-03 Smackdown season.
But I’m just asking, could you be an animal in training when your significant other is the spotlight-loving Jenna Jameson?

Hey, we expect a great fight this Saturday between Tito and the I-need-a-victory-like-a-mofo Forrest Griffin.
I bet Tito brings it. The question is, how much does he have left to bring?