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Lil Wayne Wants You To Know Samsung’s New Phone is Waterproof

You Have To Check Out These Two New Videos!

The new Galaxy S7 is waterproof. Samsung is eager for you to know. Lil Wayne has been hired to spread the word. And so, we arrive at this moment, where Samsung is counting on hip hop artist Lil Wayne to let the world know about the new waterproof phone.

“One of the things for us as we launched this new campaign was to tell the Samsung brand story in new and humorous ways people can engage with,” said Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics America.

In a recent series of commercials for the Galaxy S7, Wayne pours champagne on the phone and dunks it in a fish tank. The phone, of course, continues to work perfectly. In another brand new video, Wayne walks around a store dumping a bottle of champagne on the smartphone, then using it for a mobile payment to buy another bottle of bubbly and continuing his antics.

“I was just happy for the opportunity to be there,” Wayne commented. “There’s a billion people they could pick, and they chose me. I tried to make the most of it.”