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Nightline Presents The Mainstreaming of Lisa Ann, Part Two

The World’s Hottest Fantasy Sports Guru is Featured on ABC’s Nightline!

Lisa Ann continues to dominate the Fantasy Sports World, becoming every bit the Queen of ’em All in her new multiverse as she was in her previous career. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the shy lil’ girl from Easton, Pennsylvania, whose amazing photo shoots can be seen HERE … HERE … and HERE …. has double-downed on FOX SPORTS’ FANTASTIC LOOK AT LISA ANN and seduced the entire staff of ABC’s Nightline. According to

You may or may not recognize her in work from her first career, but Lisa Ann is now making a name for herself in the world of fantasy football.

The 43-year-old retired porn star recently traded adult fantasy for a career in fantasy sports as a co-host on Sirius XM Radio, where she shares her tips for success.

“So, Monday nights, my show is ‘Lisa Ann Does Fantasy’ with my co-host Adam Ronis. And on Thursday mornings, I do a fun show called ‘The Morning Men,’ and they’re not changing the name even though there’s a woman involved,” Lisa Ann told ABC News’ “Nightline.”

Although it’s been nearly a year since she left the adult film industry, Lisa Ann is still one of the top rated stars on PornHub. She famously portrayed the heroine in the 2008 adult film, “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?”

“It was real. Every performer I had sex with, I wanted to have sex with,” Lisa Ann said. “I admit that I had so much fun shooting [‘Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?’]. I rode that wave from 2008 until 2014. I worked myself to the bone because I knew I could ring that dry.”

Since leaving the adult film industry, Lisa Ann has become a public face of a movement, breaking down barriers in fantasy sports. Women are now one-third of all fantasy football managers, up a staggering 20 percent from just last year, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

“People would tell you, ‘Once you’ve done porn, you’re never going to get another job,'” Lisa Ann said. “I put it out there and I really still want people to enjoy it because it’s such a big part of my life.”

But Lisa Ann’s past career might have actually helped her land her new career. She started with a radio show interviewing strippers before seguing into fantasy sports, where she is getting used to a different workplace environment.

“Here’s the thing: I’ve had to be naked so much of my life that you have to understand how happy I am to get to wear clothes,” Lisa Ann said. “I’m no longer being put in pink, fishnet stockings. I mean, I am absolutely thrilled.”

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, sports were her first passion in life, Lisa Ann said. Her parents split up when she was young, and the good times spent with her family revolved around sports.

“My mom would take us to basketball games. We would watch football games with my dad. Sports were always where we came together and everything was great, so that kind of carried with me,” said Lisa Ann.

“And then I went out as a feature dancer on the road, and by 20 years old, I was traveling alone. And sports became something that kept me company. When I would come home from a gig, I could go and check who won tonight,” she added.

These days, Lisa Ann’s new career has her splitting time between Los Angeles and New York and living the single life. Her book “The Life” will be released on Dec. 15.

She admitted her past career in porn has turned people off from wanting to marry and settle down with her.

“People want to be with you. But they don’t want to be with you,” she said.

But doing porn, she said, made her appreciate intimacy “a lot more than probably other people.”

“It’s a totally different sport than when I’m on set. It’s a different sexual experience, just a private moment that nobody else knows about between just us,” said Lisa Ann. “No one’s taking a picture of it, and it’s so much more beautiful alone.”

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