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Take a Joy Ride Through Fortnite

Epic Games is inviting Fortnite enthusiasts to take a Joy Ride that you’ll never forget.

We’re seen planes, helicopters, boats, golf carts, drift boards and ATVs, but good ol’ fashioned automobiles are a new addition to the Fortnite experience.

There’s four cars available at the moment. There’s the Islander Prevalent, the Victory Motors Whiplash, the OG Bear pickup, and the Titano Mudflap big rig. They’re easy enough to find around the map, though you will have to keep them topped up with gas, which you can find at gas pumps or in throwable gas cans.

Oh, but there’s more.

The cars come with radio stations.


As of this moment, the radio stations are “temporarily disabled,” so it appears as though there’s a second update coming involving the cars, with rumors (and even preliminary reports) of the radio stations playing tracks by Drake, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Obviously, there’s more to come.

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