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The Amazing Story of Mrs. RVD

As everyone knows, we’re all fans of Rob Van Dam and his amazing wife Sonya, and the biggest fan of the Van Dams is Paul himself.

Sonya has spoken about her life-changing battle against Cancer in an interview posted on Slam!, and, as Paul said, “there are no words to convey just how powerful a story this is. Even saying we give it our highest recommendation is just too weak of a way to get people to read the article!”

Here’s a key excerpt:

“So the nurse comes in and she’s helping me get into the wheelchair because now I’m getting wheeled to the parking lot and she wheels me out, and her and then the other two nurses that were working in the recovery room both rush over and they’re like, ‘I’m so sorry, sweetie, you didn’t get the results you were looking for today. You’ve got a really long hard road ahead of you, but you’re young, you’re going to do fine.’ And in that exact moment, I was like ‘Holy s—, I have cancer; he said I had cancer.'”
You can read part one of Sonya’s story HERE
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