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THE HEYMAN HUSTLE’s Full 360 Coverage of UFC 200 Kicks Off with Nate Diaz’s Warning to Conor McGregor

“There’s No Shame in Losing to a Real G!”

Nate Diaz is ready for UFC 200. The 170 pounder from Stockton, California choked out Conor McGregor at UFC 196 and he’s confident he’s going to do it again at UFC 200. In a spectacular interview with Fox Sports’ Damon Martin, Diaz went to town on McGregor’s chances against him in the rematch. “You can lose to some lame ass or you can lose to a real fuckin’ G fighter,” Diaz exclaimed. “I don’t think it will hurt him too much. He’ll be all right.” 

“I’m top of the food chain. I’ve been fighting top 10 competition for eight years. Losing to me is not so bad,” Diaz stated. “I’ve lost decisions that I didn’t really lose and if I asked to get a rematch it was out of the question like are you kidding me, don’t even ask … but this guy is getting praised for wanting a rematch. It’s like get the fuck out of here … this is the fight game!”

In Martin’s report, which you can read in its entirety HERE, he reports that Diaz says that ultimately as long as he was getting paid there was never a hesitation in accepting a rematch with McGregor.

He even offered to take the fight at 155 pounds although McGregor insisted on the rematch taking place at welterweight just like the first bout.

In Diaz’s eyes, now that he’s getting paid the way he wants, cutting weight is a pleasure and not the hindrance it once was but if McGregor wants the fight at welterweight, so be it.

“Now I’m getting paid. That was the only rebellious (expletive) I had at 155,” Diaz explained. “Cutting weight’s hard for anybody, even if it’s five pounds. So if I’m getting paid pennies for lightweight, then what the (expletive) am I going to cut weight for? I might as well not cut weight and not put in the work.

“I’ll do the fights but I’m not going to put in the weight cutting work for chump change. Now I’m getting paid so I’m like I’ll make weight (expletive).”

As far as the rematch goes, Diaz has never been the kind of fighter to make bold predictions but considering he’s been awarded with seven ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses and 14 total post fight bonuses during his UFC career, expect something exciting to happen.

“Fight’s coming, we’ll see what happens. I don’t make predictions, we’ll see what happens,” Diaz said. “I don’t care, it’s whatever. I just want to go do what I gotta do and get the show cracking.”

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