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Ultimate Fight Fans Sound Off About UFC 106

We received a ton of feedback about PAUL HEYMAN’S BLOG ON UFC 106 AND THE ULTIMATE LESSON IN BRANDING. The masterful marketing campaign spearheaded by Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta is just one of the many reasons UFC is clearly the dominant promotion in the Mixed Martial Arts world today.

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I loved the blog on Dana White and the branding of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. It’s funny that Mr. Heyman mentions Dana White’s saying “every day I wake up I know bad shit is going to happen” because that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking since Mark Coleman pulled out of the fight with Tito Ortiz. Then, when Brock Lesnar was forced to pull out, I thought the event itself might be cursed. Thanks for explaining how it all works behind the scenes!
Eric Watkins
Vancouver, BC

Paul Heyman’s article on the troubles Dana White has been facing getting to UFC 106 just shows how far Dana White has come. Paul’s praise for Dana is obviously heart-felt, and I think it’s well-earned, too. I remember Dana as the guy with the really bad hair, nervously thanking people for coming to the biggest Mixed Martial Arts event in the United States, and flubbing the words Mixed Martial Arts CLICK HERE

Now, he’s a smooth television personality, and a powerful businessman recognized around the world as the driving force behind UFC. Great job to UFC, Tito Ortiz, Forrest Griffin, Dana White, and Paul Heyman himself for the masterful blog.
Gene Perez
Tampa, Florida

UFC 106 was rocking. I liked the stories about the Original ECW. Please do this more often.
Via HustleTweet

Great blog! Brock Lesnar will get better, and UFC did the right thing by not canceling UFC 106.
I laughed hard and out loud when I read Paul’s description of the old time promoters using the disclaimer “Card Subject To Change.”
David Reiff
Flushing, New York

The big question about UFC 106 is, as Paul Heyman pointed out, whether Tito Ortiz will be the fighter who humbled Ken Shamrock, or whether he’ll be someone who has scored the ultimate trophy wife in the world’s most famous porn star JENNA JAMESON which means he’s not a fighter, he’s a lover.
Roger Kull
Manchester, UK

I know Dana White deals with Fedor fanatics, Lesnar’s illness, Tito’s walkouts, Rampage’s movie stardom, Couture’s deals with other companies, and all these crazy things during the course of the day, but that description of a typical morning in the life of the ECW owner was insane. I bet Dana White is happy he had that 44 million of the Fertittas money to lose before having to turn around UFC. Paul Heyman, your blog was just like the original ECW. It was awesome!
Greg Barber
Jasper, Indiana