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Brock Trashes Cain and the Mysterios

WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar brutally, viciously assaulted Cain Velasquez, Rey Mysterio and Mysterio’s son Dominick during the live broadcast of Friday Night Smackdown on FS1, a special one-night-only broadcast of the show that has now become the Friday night fixture on FOX network.

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With Cain Velasquez by his side, Rey Mysterio lamented the attack that WWE Champion Brock Lesnar brought on to both him and his son Dominik several weeks ago. Mysterio then confidently proclaimed that Velasquez was going to bring the fight to Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel and put a scar on the other side of The Beast’s face. Both Rey and Cain were then ready for the scheduled face to face between Velasquez and Lesnar, but The Anomaly & Paul Heyman had other ideas.

The two would instead appear on the TitanTron, saying that they had “other things to do” rather than go face to face tonight. Those “other things?”

Abusing Dominik backstage.

Lesnar & Heyman would reveal a severely beaten Dominik laying in a heap, prompting Mysterio & Velasquez to dart out of the ring and toward Mysterio’s son. The two would get Dominik to WWE medical personnel as soon as possible, but that wouldn’t be the end of Lesnar’s assault. The Beast would soon storm in and absolutely pulverize Mysterio, Velasquez and Dominik with an all-out assault that would see Brock pelt Rey onto a wall and F-5 Cain right onto the already struggling Dominik before leaving all three laying very, very worse for wear.

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