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Djokovic Aims For The One Major Title That Has Eluded Him

As he celebrates his 29th birthday, the number one tennis player in the world takes a deep breath before he attempts the one last accomplishment he has on the list!

Paul Heyman‘s favorite tennis player Novak Djokovic has captured every major title in tennis. Every single solitary one of them, except for one. The French Open. And now, as he celebrates his 29th birthday, the Serbian great enters the Open as arch-rival Roger Federer skips the annual event to protect further injury to his back.

“Of course I anticipate myself, as everybody else [does], to try to get my hands on this title this year,” Djokovic said. “Even if my career was done tomorrow, I made some achievements that I must be proud of. So, that’s how I approach things. I don’t try to approach them from a point of view of being obsessed with this tournament or with any other tournament, for that matter.”

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