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More Huge News for Fortnite: Patrick Mahomes Scores IN the Icon Series

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, a Super Bowl-winning MVP QB is the latest megastar athlete to join the Fortnite world. According to Epic Games, the Mahomes looks (which will be released on Wednesday) feature three styles: Default, Gladiator Mindset and Gameday Gladiator. An alter-ego (Mahomes Saucy Style) will also be in the game and have its own look.

The outfits and accessories are gladiator-themed and feature similar weapons and accessories. One look features Mahomes’ big wraparound sunglasses. The Mahomes Saucy Style is themed around Mahomes’ love for a certain condiment. It has Mahomes in a suit with a ketchup-bottle pattern and sauce-red lapels.

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