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Paul Heyman Newspaper Interview: “roman Reigns Is the Star Of WWE Money IN the Bank!”

Our boss Paul Heyman, in his capacity as #SpecialCounsel to the #TribalChief Roman Reigns, was exclusively interviewed by the Dallas Morning News regarding Money in the Bank, and had some very interesting comments.

“The star of Money in the Bank is truly Roman Reigns. Because the entire premise of the Money in the Bank event is the main event of the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, in which one man will pull down that briefcase and inside of that briefcase is a contract that is essentially a sword of Damocles over the title reign of Roman Reigns, because the winner, the holder of that contract, can challenge Roman Reigns for the championship anytime they want over the course of the next 365 days. So, though Roman Reigns is not on the show physically, the spirit of Roman Reigns and the challenge to Roman Reigns is the main event of Money in the Bank.”

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