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Paul Heyman’s Epic Twitter Rant on Major League Baseball’s Disgraceful Decision to Uphold the Lifetime Ban on Pete Rose

Our very own Hustler De Tuti Hustlers blasts MLB for its hypocritical stance against the most prolific hitter in baseball history!

Our boss Paul Heyman took to task Major League Baseball‘s decision to continue the lifetime ban on Pete Rose in an epic Twitter rant that we’ve captured for you right here (which, we admit, is pretty easy to do, since we didn’t really have to pitch the concept of this story to our boss too hard … since Paul is our f’n boss). WE REPORTED ON MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL’S DECISION REGARDING THE PETE ROSE LIFETIME BAN and almost immediately, Paul went to town on the decision. We’d love your feedback on Paul’s rant, and on the decision to deny Pete Rose a reinstatement (which would allow him into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame). We’re HustleTweeting right now about this, so please feel free to join the conversation by following the Hustle on Twitter HERE or write to us directly at Hey, have you checked out the Hustle’s Ultra High Quality YouTube Channel, with exclusive videos featuring the #HUSTLEBOOTYTEMPTATS SUPERMODEL OF THE YEAROUR WORLD EXCLUSIVE WITH MIKE TYSONBROCK LESNAR’S “HERE COMES THE PAIN”ICE-T AND COCO’s SEX SECRETSMMA BAD BOY NICK DIAZ … the list goes on and on, so if you’re not subscribing, you’re missing something … and by the ways cheapos, it’s FREE! Yes, absolutely 100 percent FREE! What are you waiting for? Check it out HERE!

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