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Rockstar Announces Partnership with FiveM and RedM Modding Team

Rockstar Games has revealed a collaboration with, the team behind FiveM, the largest platform for GTA RP (roleplay). This partnership has sparked speculation about potential role-play features in GTA 6.

The popularity of GTA RP has grown considerably, drawing in numerous players who delve into various role-play scenarios within GTA 5’s multiplayer mode. Despite occasional popularity fluctuations, the dedicated GTA RP community remains strong.

FiveM hosts many well-known RP servers, such as NoPixel, each with its own team, but is the main developer behind FiveM. With Rockstar‘s backing of the FiveM team, rumors about GTA 6 incorporating RP elements are on the rise.

The collaboration between Rockstar and aims to bolster the creative RP community and enhance services for developers and players alike. Rockstar acknowledges the community’s creative contributions in expanding the horizons of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, particularly through dedicated RP servers.

It’s important to emphasize that this partnership is solely focused on FiveM and RedM, unrelated to GTA 6‘s development. However, Rockstar‘s involvement is likely to encourage RP server developers to eliminate content that could raise legal concerns, such as trademarked cars and clothing.

Overall, Rockstar‘s alliance with underscores their dedication to enriching the role-play experience within the GTA series and supporting the inventive endeavors of the RP community.