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WWE’s Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns defeated KO Kevin Owens in the main event of the WWE Royal Rumble mega-event, but what happened next with Sami Zayn and The Bloodline will be talked about for decades to come.

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Heading into his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship defense against bitter rival Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns had exonerated “The Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn but said that Zayn had one final test to fully join The Bloodline, which would happen at Royal Rumble.

As the match was getting started, the WWE Universe in San Antonio made their voices heard, chanting “Sami Uso.”

KO made good on his promise to defeat Reigns or die trying. A heart-pounding splash from the apron onto Reigns to the ringside floor followed by another splash from the top rope took the wind out of Reigns.

Reigns eventually connected with the Superman Punch after his first attempt was countered. Reigns’ Spear attempt was also evaded as KO countered into a brutal Swanton Bomb that nearly gave him the win.

Owens nearly scored the win after hitting Reigns with a Pop-up Powerbomb, but WWE Official Chad Patton was down on the outside after Reigns had shoved Owens into him. Reigns took advantage by hitting Owens below the belt, then barked at Zayn to get a steel chair, but Zayn had some hesitation. Owens then Stunned Reigns out of his boots with Reigns barely escaping the pinfall.

Owens kept on fighting, kicking out after another Superman Punch and Spear combo.

Zayn pleaded with Owens to stay down as Reigns obliterated KO with a Spear through the barricade. Zayn then watched in horror as Reigns repeatedly drove KO’s head into the steel steps.

Owens tried to fight back, but Reigns connected with a third Spear that ended KO’s championship aspirations.

After the match, the rest of The Bloodline joined the ring, with The Usos connecting with a 1D on KO and Solo Sikoa hitting a huge hip splash onto Owens in the corner.

Paul Heyman then brandished a pair of handcuffs, locking Owens in the ropes and allowing The Usos to pummel him with superkick after superkick.

As Reigns was about to hit a defenseless KO with the chair, Zayn stopped Reigns, pleading with him that this was beneath the champion. Reigns then handed the chair to Zayn and demanded that he strike Owens with it, even slapping Zayn across the face several times.

Zayn instead used the chair to hit Reigns, seemingly ejecting himself from The Bloodline. An enraged Bloodline beat down Zayn, sans a deeply conflicted and emotional Jey Uso, who left the ring and headed back up the ramp in disgust.