The Petraeus Principle: A Ten-Step Guide To Cheating

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The entire country is talking about the fall from grace of General David Petraeus, and the scorecard one needs to keep track of all the perversion that seems to surround this sordid tale. The latest twist in this stunning tale of decadence is that earlier this week,.it was revealed the agent investigating Petraeus is himself now implicated in some naughty business, as he allegedly sent shirtless photos of himself to ... oh man ... this is complicated already, isn';t it?
The Wall Street Journal reported the unnamed agent was a friend of Jill Kelley, the raven-haired knockout whom Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell  jealously suspected of having the hots for the former CIA director. Broadwell bombarded Kelley with anonymous, threatening emails accusing her of having a relationship with the spy chief, with whom she had previously had an extramarital affair. In one email, Broadwell “claimed to have watched Ms. Kelley touching ‘him’ provocatively underneath a table,” according to the paper.
The get-away-from-my-man emails so unnerved Kelley that she complained to an FBI pal of hers. But as the investigation gained momentum, the FBI agent who knew Kelley was taken off of the case by superiors who were worried “he might have grown obsessed with the matter,” the paper reported.
And it appeared their concern was justified. Oh, it gets better.
Sources said the agent, apparently in a digital come-on, sent shirtless photos of himself to Kelley. The investigators eventually told Kelley it was Broadwell who was behind the creepy emails, and she snitched on the biographer’s bad ways to Petraeus, which was reported by The Washington Post
The straying spymaster then told Broadwell to stop harassing Kelley, a surgeon’s wife from Florida who met Petraeus when he ran the U.S. Central Command out of Tampa, the newspaper reported.
Kelley was an unpaid social liaison for the military establishment in the area. No criminal charges have been filed against Broadwell, whose glowing biography of Petraeus, “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,” was published in January. But on Monday night, it appeared the feds’ investigation was far from concluded. About 10 agents entered Broadwell’s  home in Charlotte, North Carolina  at 8:40 pm Eastern Time,  wearing blue latex gloves and carrying bags and boxes. They photographed the exterior of the house, entered using a key and could be seen scouring rooms and apparently collecting evidence for two hours.
A prankster even ordered a Domino’s pizza to be delivered to the residence, adding to the circus atmosphere. Investigators didn’t answer when the deliveryman rung the doorbell.
As the dirty details kept coming Monday, Petraeus’ wife, Holly, was said to be fuming. A family friend said Monday the retired general’s spouse of 38 years is “not exactly pleased right now” that the war hero had an affair with his biographer.
“Furious would be an understatement,” Steve Boylan said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”
While Holly Petraeus, who comes from a military family, stewed over the bedsheets betrayal, the other two female figures in the scandal hired high-profile lawyers. And President Obama was hunting for a new CIA chief as the FBI faced questions about its probe into the affair: what it knew, when it knew it, and who it told.
It was revealed that Broadwell suggested during an Oct. 26 speech at the University of Denver that the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was an attempt to free militants held at the mission. The comments raised suspicions that Broadwell was privy to classified information passed along by the spy boss who lusted after her — though her affair with Petraeus was reportedly over by the time she gave the speech.
The CIA quashed the theory she advanced, telling The Wall Street Journal that it followed Obama’s order in 2009 to stop holding detainees. The spy agency had routinely detained prisoners overseas during the administration of George W. Bush.
As Washington was roiled by the scandal, new details about the affair and its aftermath emerged. Petraeus and his mistress used an email trick favored by terrorists and drug dealers to hide their messages to each other, storing them as drafts in an account they could both access, instead of sending traceable messages to each others’ inboxes. When Petraeus was overseeing the war in Afghanistan, he gave Broadwell unprecedented access behind the scenes for the biography. But during his time in Afghanistan he was also in near-daily contact with Kelley, though his ex-staffers say the frequent emails and instant messages were not romantic in nature, The Associated Press reported. Petraeus’ romance with Broadwell began two months after he became the nation’s top spy in September 2011, though they met years earlier, Boylan said.
The steamy romance ended four months ago, said Boylan, who served as Petraeus’ spokesman in Iraq and spoke with his old boss over the weekend. Boylan said Petraeus, 60, is “devastated” that he hurt his wife and lost “one of the best jobs he ever had” by falling for Broadwell, a married Army Reserve officer with two young sons. But he pooh-poohed suggestions that Petraeus had compromised national security by putting himself in a compromising position with the brainy fitness buff.
In theory, if an enemy country or terrorist outfit learned of the affair it would have left Petraeus open to blackmail.
“My understanding is that she was only at the CIA twice. And at no time, based on conversations with him, did he provide her classified information, nor did she receive anything from him in that manner,” Boylan told The Associated Press.
“My understanding is that they mutually determined that it was time to end it,” he said of the affair. Petraeus “knows he made a huge mistake,” Boylan added. “It wasn’t right. And it was done.”
Broadwell, 40, a West Point graduate, hasn’t spoken publicly about the scandal. She has hired hot shot lawyer Robert Muse.
In another juicy detail, the Washingtonian magazine reported that Broadwell and her doctor husband were on a romantic vacation in scenic Little Washington, Virginia when the scandal broke Friday.
Kelley, like Broadwell, has kept quiet, though the statuesque Floridian hasn’t shied away from the cameras; she stepped out Monday in a sunny yellow dress. She insisted in a statement Sunday that she had a five-year platonic friendship with the general.
Broadwell has retained well-known attorney Abbe Lowell.
In a previous radio spot promoting her Petraeus book, Broadwell was asked by Don Imus if her subject was married; she went on to say she respected Holly Petraeus “immensely” for the work she has done for military families.
“So he must have liked you obviously, and you obviously liked him, I guess,” Imus pressed.
Broadwell stumbled a bit before answering: “Yeah, we had a lot of rapport. I think some of that comes from a common ground of having gone to West Point.” Imus then complimented Broadwell on her physique and suggested someone should write a book about her. She demurred, describing herself as “just a soccer mom having a good time.”
This gets so deep.
But it could get deeper.
Which is why we think if the General was willing to risk it all, he should have risked it for someone like Zahia Dehar, the 20-year-old surprise new muse and protege of the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld who is best known for being a  teenage, under-aged prostitute. We're not kidding. You know about her, don't you? She's the one who met clients in VIP bars around Paris's Champs-Elysées while her mother apparently thought she was at sleepovers with schoolfriends, and was paid for sex by one of France's most famous football (soccer) stars.
In 2009, she was flown to Munich for a night in a luxury hotel by the French international football star Franck Ribéry, allegedly as a 26th birthday present ... for himself!
She was 17 at the time. Paid-for-sex in is illegal below the age of 18 in France.
Hey, those are the rules!
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