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There has been a massive shakeup in The Bloodline, and where this leads in the post-championship-era of the Roman Reigns faction, no one truly knows for sure. Yet.

It all started when Reigns’ wiseman, our boss Paul Heyman arrived at WWE Smackdown with Solo and Jimmy Uso. When they went to claim the Bloodline‘s locker room, it was Cody Rhodes‘ name on the door. Rhodes, of course, is the new Undisputed WWE Champion by virtue of his victory over Reigns last Sunday in the main event of WrestleMania XL.

Kevin Owens took the moment to poke fun at the Bloodline, which enraged Solo. The enforcer of the Bloodline was going to rip open the door and start a war, but Heyman told Solo that winning and losing matters. Losing has consequences. And if The Bloodline wants the biggest locker room back, they have to reclaim the championship.

And that was By The Orders of the Tribal Chief.

Later in the show, in the ring, Heyman told the world that Reigns offers no excuses. The Bloodline accepts accountability for the loss to Cody Rhodes, and proclaimed Cody the new Undisputed Champion. Furthermore, Heyman offered this position was By The Orders of the Tribal Chief.

Solo, however, had other ideas. Going by what Heyman had told him earlier, Solo reiterated Heyman’s claim that winning and losing matters. Losing has consequences. And those consequences seem to have fallen on Jimmy Uso, who was violently attacked by the debuting Tama Tonga.

After a vicious two-on-one attack, Jimmy Uso was rushed into the medic’s office, where Kayla Braxton caught up with Heyman, who was then intimidated by Tama Tonga, who told our boss “By The Orders of The Tribal Chief!”

What the hell is happening inside The Bloodline? And who is The Tribal Chief that Tama Tonga is referring to?

Sound off on our social media platforms. We’re sure interested in your take on this!



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