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Exclusive! Paul Heyman Advocates Heel vs Heel for UFC 280: Dillashaw vs Sterling

Our boss Paul Heyman advocated for “villains” in the about-to-be-released ESPN preview of “Heel vs Heel: Dillashaw vs Sterling at UFC 280.”

In a post on Instagram and Facebook, Paul notes, “I doubt Joe Rogan has anything to worry about, especially since serving as #SpecialCounsel to the #TribalChief Roman Reigns and #Wiseman to the #Bloodline is a 24/7/365 responsibility on the Island of Relevancy, but my most sincere compliments to ESPN and UFC for their choice of voiceover artist (and I am compelled to call your attention to the word ARTIST) for #UFC280’s #HeelVsHeel matchup of TJ Dillashaw vs Aljamain Sterling!”



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