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Check out the Fortnite Creative 2.0 Official Gameplay Trailer

Maybe it’s just us here at The Heyman Hustle, but is it kind of tough to keep up with the entire concept of Fortnite when they’ve released so many videos? Not only with content for a Fortnite player, but multiple versions on multiple platforms of Fortnite content about Fortnite content. We’re not just talking a bunch of “behind the scenes” videos or even “making of” videos, but an entire cottage industry of Fortnite videos that come across to us as videos that discuss the videos that discuss the videos that discuss the content about which the videos are made.


Is anybody following us here?

Are we all alone?

Or are we stuck in the Fortnite Omniverse

And if we are, why are you here with us?

WTF is going on?



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