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David Lee Murphy with Kenny Chesney Wins Musical Event of the Year for “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

This one goes something like this…

A legendary hit songwriter calls his superstar best friend, “I have the perfect song for you.”

Superstar singer replies, “Don’t think so.”

The songwriter is surprised. He knows in his heart his friend would just nail this one. It’s got #1 hit all over it.

After a long pause, the singer adds, “It would be better for you…and I’m going to produce it for you… oh hell, let’s just go make it part of an album. The world needs to hear your voice again.”

When the songwriter of countless hit records is David Lee Murphy and that best friend is Kenny Chesney, that selfless conversation sparks a real life buddy movie adventure that includes “A Trip Around the Sun,” tour of sold out arenas, a #1 song of the summer hit, a Gold Record… and now a CMA Award for Event of the Year.

The Looking4Larry Agency has been blessed to work with many boldfaced names in our business, in the world of sports, entertainment, sport entertainment and music. Very few have the cool, and country charm of David Lee Murphy, who is simply the coolest cat in any town he visits.

24 years after “Dust In The Bottle,” the guy who was trying to give his friend another #1, did accomplish what he set out to do. Only it turned out to be a duet.

Congratulations, DLM… Kenny… Blue Chair and Reviver Music.

“Everything IS Gonna Be Alright,” and it ain’t a comeback if you never left.

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Watch David Lee Murphy‘s Reviver Sessions of “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

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