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David Letterman Tells a Joke … and You WILL Laugh at It

GQ Magazine Gets to Interview Dave … and He Truly Is a God of Comedy!

GQ Magazine got a rare interview with a man who truly values his privacy at the moment, former Late Night kingpin David Letterman. In the interview, Letterman is asked to tell his best joke, and he truly fails at the task. According to the writer of the story, Brett Martin, Letterman actually called back three days later with a different (and, admittedly, much better joke). Being that we here at The Heyman Hustle are Letterman Devotees, we are posting Letterman’s joke. And you, our dear reader, shall laugh. After all, it’s Dave we’re talking about here!

Here’s the joke:

“Guy goes into a bar, tells the bartender, I want 15 shots of your best Scotch whisky. The bartender pulls out a single shot glass. Guy says, No, no, no. I want 15 shots. Pour ’em all up, right here in front of me. Fifteen shot glasses full of whisky. The bartender says okay, fills up the shot glasses, and the customer starts drinking them like crazy—one, two, three, four—and the bartender says, Whoa! Geez, hold it! Settle down! Man alive! Why are you drinking like that? The guy says, You’d be drinking like that, too, if you had what I have. The bartender says, Oh, I’m sorry, buddy. What do you have? And the customer says, A dollar!”

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