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Epic Sonic Destruction Added to Fortnite Courtesy of the Boombox

Epic Games has ended the 2018 calendar year for Fortnite with the Boombox, the latest item to join Battle Royale. So, what is the Fortnite Boombox?

Well, it’s the new item that players can get in Battle Royale, available on all platforms, whether you’re playing the game on PC, console or mobile. And since the entire world will be ringing in the new year in just about 24 hours, it’s the perfect addition to the game, since it’s literally a boom box!

You know, like a box full of boom!

Please don’t confuse the Fortnite Boombox with the Boogie Bomb. You can’t use the Boombox specifically against enemy players. It doesn’t do any damage to players, either. What it does do is use its loud ass tunes to break through structures and buildings.

Need to destroy a structure, even a skyscraper? Now you have the end-of-the-year weapon with which to do so!

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