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Full Transcript of Paul Heyman’s Epic Twitter Rant About When Rollerball Was Filmed

Well, it was going to be a quiet Sunday afternoon before the chaos-free Academy Awards. And then our boss Paul Heyman decided to address a recent appearance by CW Anderson on a podcast. Here is the transcript from Paul’s tweets regarding CW Anderson‘s appearance:

I saw an interview in which #CWAnderson claims I was in L.A. shooting Rollerball instead of trying to save #ECW back in 2000. It’s absurd that people have done nothing to talk about in 17 years so they are constrained to address their heartbreak about 2000/01.

Of course, that makes me an even bigger schmuck to feel compelled to ANSWER these moronic comments, but the food is cooking, so …

(1) Rollerball was never filmed in L.A.. It was filmed in Montreal and then in Yonkers, NY.

(2) My scenes in Rollerball were shot in June and July, 2001. Not when #ECW was in business. I was actually booked for the movie through @WWE.

(3) The insinuation that I was shooting movie(s) in L.A. instead of trying to save what was my life (at the time) (#ECW) is beyond ignorant.

(4) Not only did I desperately try every angle to save the company, I put in every last dime I personally had, even when the ship was sinking.

(5) I have zero regrets over any of this. I went bankrupt trying to save #ECW, and have never regretted my investment and never will.

(6) So when someone repeats a blatant lie about my commitment at the time to the product to which I devoted seven years of my life, it’s nothing short of ignorance on full display for the entire world to see.

It’s a shame I waited this long to correct the record on this BS that has lingered for all these years, but I remember sitting on the @WWE plane with @VinceMcMahon, and someone has said something so outlandish about him, and everyone was trying to get Vince to reply. He turned to me and said, “I focus on revenue-producing public statements. Anything else is a waste of my time, and my time is limited. I have things to do.”

I also sit there every week and see @BrockLesnar laugh at every rumor, every innuendo, every claim made about him. And when I say, “So … Brock, is there a retort?” He laughs out loud and says, “Not a chance!”

So today, I decided to lower myself and answer a claim that people with nothing to do seem to repeat with no regard for accuracy.

I accept all criticism for this diatribe, and confess I should have been above it all, and offer no excuses as to why I decided to address it.

Oh, I almost forgot: to answer #CW’s nagging self-question as to why he was paid $75 a night when others had more (at least on paper) … That was the going rate for a lower-level stooge who reported on the locker room to Dreamer. But admittedly, he was a damn good one. PROPS!

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