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Good news, everyone!

The highly-anticipated collaboration between Fortnite and Futurama is finally here! Players can now rejoice as Fry, Bender, and Leela make their debut in the battle royale shooter. These beloved characters are available in the item shop as playable outfits, and there are even some cool variants of these outfits, along with a new gun and other exciting additions.

Fortnite has a long history of welcoming iconic characters from various media universes, and the inclusion of Futurama feels like a match made in gaming heaven. The show’s eccentric, absurd, and memorable humor perfectly aligns with the spirit of Fortnite, making it a seamless and fitting addition to the vast roster of characters from cartoons, video games, and comics that players already enjoy.

Fans of both Fortnite and Futurama are sure to be thrilled by this unique crossover, and it comes at the perfect time, coinciding with the show’s comeback after a decade-long absence.

The new outfits feature in-universe variants based on Futurama‘s season four, “The Farnsworth Paradox.” Each character also gets a unique pickaxe and back bling.

Bender wields an unbendable girder pickaxe and has Ben Rodríguez as his back bling. Fry gets the alluring hypnotoad as his back bling and a giant nutcracker pickaxe. Leela receives a solid gold fiddle as her pickaxe, accompanied by nibbler as her back bling. The crossover also includes a Planet Express ship glider and a Zoidberg scuttle emote.

Fortnite also introduces Bender‘s shiny metal raygun as a discoverable weapon until version 25.30. You can find it randomly on the map or buy it from Bender, now also an NPC, at the Pier in Mega City.



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