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HUSTLE EXCLUSIVE UNCENSORED VIDEO! The Angry Grandpa tears his trailer apart … all on camera for your enjoyment … it’s the insane footage you’ll never see anywhere else!

You can almost call this “leaked footage.” When FAT KID WITH A CAMERA got thrown out of The Angry Grandpa’s trailer, he was mad. “A lot madder than I usually am when Grandpa throws things at me. He was just so mean, and there was no call for it!” The Fat Kid told us via email.

Last week, Grandpa released a video in which he DESTROYED HIS KITCHEN TABLE but you know how those YouTube Big Brothers monitor every single solitary syllable on their channel. “People think Grandpa is nuts just watching his videos on YouTube. These uncensored moments show just how out of control he is. The man lives in a perfectly nice trailer. Well, it’s nice when he’s not home, because the moment he walks in the door, he wrecks the place!”


So a big thanks to The Fat Kid for sending along these EXCLUSIVE clips you’ll never see anywhere else. Of course, we’re HustleTweeting about Angry Grandpa, and you’re more than welcome to join the conversation by following us on twitter HERE or write us directly at  Hey, have you checked out the Hustle’s Ultra High Quality You Tube Channel, with exclusive videos featuring OUR WORLD EXCLUSIVE WITH MIKE TYSONBROCK LESNAR’S “HERE COMES THE PAIN”ICE-T AND COCO’s SEX SECRETSTEEN SENSATION TAYLOR MOMSENUFC BAD BOY NICK DIAZTHE WALKING RIOT MISSY HYATT if you’re not subscribing, you’re missing something … and by the ways cheapos, it’s FREE! Yes, absolutely 100 percent FREE! What are you waiting for? Check it out HERE!

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