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My Secret Life as Part of Paul Heyman’s Entourage


Hey what’s going on you guys, Kid Behind a Camera here, hanging out in Dallas, Texas … and as most of you have seen in the new video, it’s pretty much coming to light that I do work as part of Paul Heyman’s entourage. It’s not that I tried to keep things away from you guys (I think I’ve shared most everything in my life with you guys, both good, bad and really really bad). My work with Paul Heyman requires a level of privacy which I have always respected, but this Friday YAHOO! Sports is coming out with a documentary that I want all of you to see. And in that video, you’ll see exactly what it is I do as part of this wild bunch of people.

So yesterday, while filming KID BEHIND A CAMERA, I was joined by my buddy Jim (or James as he likes to be known as), #HustleBootyTempTats Supermodel  Photographer Ary Dalton, actress/model Hannah Townsend and Big Bad Scary OMFG He’s A Monster Scott.

Now, just so we get everything out in the open, Hannah works for Paul Heyman, is a very successful Off-Broadway actress and a top notch #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel. I can promise you that Bridgette has nothing to worry about, because Hannah is way out of my league! I’ll be the first to admit, that if Hannah would have me, Bridgette would be out the door. Hey, she’ll sue me for half of my YouTube channel, but that’s a fair price for a lifetime with Hannah. But Hannah sees me as a fat baby seal and sees Scott as the shark circling the water looking for his tasty although fat-loaded snack.

Oh, let me just mention briefly, the less I say about Big Bad Scary OMFG He’s A Monster Scott, the better. At least for me.



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