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Paul Heyman Confronts Seth Rollins in Boston, But Rollins Gets the RAW Mic Drop

WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is not worried about his WrestleMania challenger Seth Rollins, and Brock’s Advocate (our boss) Paul Heyman wants Rollins to know that fact.

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Does Seth Rollins have a prayer of defeating Brock Lesnar? Paul Heyman thinks not. The Beast’s advocate had little respect for Rollins’ promise to take the Universal Title in the name of the fans he says will be his “army” in spirit, and little thought for the notion of a “Handicap Match” in which Rollins fights alongside the entire WWE Universe. After all, they have nothing to offer except “thoughts and prayers,” and as far as Heyman is concerned, Rollins’ big game has been a smokescreen to distract from the fact that he’s got nothing.

After asking Rollins and the audience not to take it personally when Lesnar wins at WrestleMania, Heyman found himself literally falling over while trying to evade a pursuing Rollins. The Kingslayer had no interest in throwing down with an advocate. But he did have a message: “We are going to WrestleMania, we are going to beat Brock Lesnar, we are going to take the Universal Title, we are going to march into Suplex City and we are gonna burn it down.”

Heyman is right, of course, that the WWE Universe can’t physically help Rollins in the fight of his life, to say nothing of a match The Kingslayer claims will determine the future of WWE. And whether Heyman underestimated Rollins, overplayed his hand, or called it to the T remains to be seen. But tonight, at least, he failed to read the room: If nothing else, Seth Rollins isn’t as alone as Heyman thinks, and that might make all the difference.

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