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WWE Royal Rumble Exclusive: Roman Reigns Has Nothing to Say About Seth Rollins

WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns didn’t even offer a “no comment” in regards to his former Shield brother Seth Freakin’ Rollins. The issues between Reigns and Rollins are far from resolved.

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The past isn’t over for Roman Reigns as Seth “Freakin” Rollins used some crafty mind games to send The Head of the Table over the edge and force him to take a disqualification loss in an extremely personal battle.

Making his entrance through the crowd to the tune of the old Shield music and wearing his old gear, Rollins got inside Reigns’ head to keep The Head of the Table off balance. The Visionary took it to the champion early, planting Reigns through the announce table with a powerbomb.

With a partnership and rivalry that has spanned across a decade, Reigns and Rollins knew each other’s moves all too well as the two Superstars absorbed countless devastating blows for near-falls that left the WWE Universe stunned.

After Reigns countered a stomp by Rollins with a devastating Spear, The Visionary simply smiled and laughed at the champion while reaching out his fist in a supposed homage to their Shield days. The act set off Reigns, who picked up Rollins and locking in the Guillotine, refusing to let go despite Rollins grabbing the bottom rope. Once the ref completed his five-count, Reigns was disqualified.

Not done there, Reigns broke a pair of chairs across the back of Rollins with countless menacing strikes, leaving him writhing in pain as Reigns walked away smiling.

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