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WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Defeats WWE Champion Big E at Survivor Series

Smackdown’s WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns (accompanied by our boss, his #SpecialCounsel Paul Heyman) defeated RAW’s WWE Champion Big E in a Champion Vs Champion match at WWE Survivor Series.

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The strength of WWE Champion Big E had WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns thinking twice in the early goings of the match.

The Head of the Table wisely rolled out of the way of Big E’s attempted splash on the apron and took advantage of a reeling Big E to methodically beat down The Powerhouse of Positivity. Despite being hurled into the ring post, Big E did not stay down for long, delivering some punishment with a splash and a uranage.

The two massive men battered one another as a shocked Reigns needed three Superman Punches to finally take Big E off his feet. Reigns set up for a Spear but turned around to a waiting Big E, who instead Speared Reigns through the ropes.

After a Spear from Reigns and a Big Ending from Big E both resulted in near-falls, the WWE Champion dragged Reigns outside the ring to slam him off the announcer’s table, the ring post and the barricade. The Head of the Table jumped back into action, flying off the stairs to deliver a thunderous Superman Punch before attacking the injured leg of Big E to set up another Spear for the 1-2-3.

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