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In what may go down as the most mean-spirited roast in the history of mean-spirited roasts, legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady was roasted in what was billed as The Greatest Roast of All Time.

While so many comics, from host Kevin Hart to the outstanding Tony Hinchcliffe brought their A-game, few can argue that Nikki Glaser damn near stole the entire show with her material. And once Nikki was done skewering the elite that were up on stage with her for the roast, she joined Howard Stern on the Stern Show for a discussion worthy of multiple headlines, talking openly about her long-term boyfriend; why she spent over $25,000 following Taylor Swift around on her recent tour; how comedy helped her through some of the toughest times in her life; and, you knew this was coming, the Tom Brady Roast.

“It’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever performed for,” Nikki gushed. “It’s live on Netflix. It’s doing a set I’ve never done in this context. It’s a high risk situation, and I was terrified going into it.”

“You were killing it,” Howard exclaimed, as he played some highlights from the roast, including several of Nikki’s most pointed jabs at Brady. And it would appear very few topics were off-limit, but Nikki did reveal one. “We all collectively decided not to involve his kids too much in anything because they didn’t ask for that,” Nikki told Howard. “So, I couldn’t say, Tom, hopefully we make out at the after party — you can pretend I’m your son.”

When Howard asked what jokes Nikki left out of her set, she was more than happy to deliver to the Stern audience.

“Thank you all for being here tonight and taking some time away from cheating on your wives,” Nikki said. “It’s not their fault, it’s their wives’ fault for aging naturally.”

“These guys really fucking damage their bodies and their brains all for the sake of guys hugging each other at a Buffalo Wild Wings,” she continued. “Like, I hope it was worth it fellas.”

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