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Behind The Scenes at WWE WrestleMania Radio Row 2016

For The 2nd Year in a Row, Cinematographer Ary Dalton Documented Paul Heyman’s Tour of Radio Row on the Friday Morning Before WrestleMania!

“Radio Row is the perfect picture of show business at its height,” noted THE HEYMAN HUSTLE‘s very own Ary Dalton, who famously documented Paul Heyman’s trip to the 6am media frenzy last year (CLICK HERE to see the awesome video). “It’s a fantastic publicity opportunity, because you have television and radio and podcasts and film crews and news stations and bloggers from around the world, but it’s also brutal because it begins at 6am and you’re doing interviews non-stop, with no break, one right after the other, for over four hours. Welcome to show biz!”

Ary accompanied our boss Paul Heyman to this year’s WWE WrestleMania Radio Row again, and the result was once again spectacular. “Paul got pissed … and I think you know what happens next!” Ary promised. “Uh huh. Pure gold!”

And whatever you do, don’t miss Hannah Townsend spittin’ flo about Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose No Hold Barred Street Fight at WrestleMania … it’s all on this Behind The Scenes episode of THE HEYMAN HUSTLE



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