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Reviver Music’s Tenille Arts releases “Call You Names”

Reviver Music artist Tenille Arts has released “Call You Names,” a song inspired by her relationship with her mother. 

“So I was sitting in my bed in my apartment playing some chords, trying to think of something different. All of a sudden I started playing these chords, and literally the first line of the song ‘I remember you caught me with that first cigarette I smoked’ that just came out of my mouth, and I was like ‘What the heck?’ Where is this going? And then it was like it came from a higher place, because all of a sudden these words were coming out of my mouth… like ‘I called you all of these names.’ Then I had the idea to change that from the mean names into the beautiful,” stated Tenille in a interview about the song.

Tenille hosts a Mothers Day Radio Special that can be heard on TuneIn’s “Country Roads” channel Sunday at 11a, 2p and 6p eastern time. Listen at

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